Discover Entrepreneurship

Throughout the academic year, the School hosts many activities and networking events to support its active startup community, including the Columbia Engineering Fast Pitch Competition, Columbia Venture Competition, Design Challenges, Hackathons, and the Ignition Grants program, which funds ventures started by current students.

The School’s Translational Fellows Program (TFP) supports 20 percent of the salary of selected engineering postdoctoral researchers and research scientists for one year, providing them with the opportunity to pursue commercialization of a technology that originated in their research work here at the Engineering School. Another exciting way the School fosters entrepreneurship is with its BiomedX Program. A major goal of the program is to educate researchers, clinicians, and students about the many aspects involved in commercializing biomedical innovation.

Entrepreneurship remains an important central educational theme at Columbia Engineering. The School offers a range of programs and a 15-credit, interdisciplinary minor in entrepreneurship made up of both Engineering and Business School courses. The School also provides a four-year entrepreneurship experience for all interested Columbia Engineering students, regardless of major.

And for alumni, entrepreneurial support continues. The Columbia Startup Lab, a co-working facility located in SoHo, provides subsidized space for 71 Columbia alumni entrepreneurs to house and nurture their fledgling ventures. The Lab is the result of a unique partnership between the deans of Columbia College and the Schools of Business, Engineering, Law, and International and Public Affairs.