Columbia Venture Competition

Columbia Venture Competition 2021

1st Place: Colonai ($25,000)

Colonai uses AI driven imaging to detect and decrease the risk of colorectal cancer.

2nd Place: Sharper Sense ($15,000)

Sharper Sense is developing a noninvasive nerve stimulation patch that enhances vision and hearing by reducing sensory noise.

3rd Place: Cold Chain-ge ($10,000)

Cold Chain-ge aims to improve vaccine accessibility through the use of orally dissolving films.

A special thanks to the 40 judges involved in this year’s Technology Track for providing comments and feedback to teams throughout the competition.

1st Place: DeliverE ($25,000)

DeliverE aims to optimize efficiency in delivery services in India by harnessing the power of electric vehicles.

2nd Place: EmNet ($10,000)

EmNet’s goal is to expedite care to emergency patients in off-site locations by building a network of trained medical professionals.

This year’s Urban Works India Competition presented teams with an interesting new challenge: COVID-19. With this in mind, we would like to recognize everyone’s novel ideas and hard work in rethinking urban environments during the pandemic era.

Columbia Venture Competition: Previous Winners

CVC 2020 Technology Challenge Winners: For students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and have a tech-based solution.

1st place (Tie) – avoMD: Point-of-care personal assistant for doctors by doctors

1st place (Tie) – EVQLV: an Artificial Intelligence Company Accelerating Biologic Therapies

3rd place – Dialectica Inc: Advanced-stage Kidney Failure Management

CVC 2020 Urban Works India Winners: For students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and want to work on solutions for urban India. 

Extrinsic Labs: behavioral insights and gamification for organizational development

Kara Water: using humidity to produce ultra-pure and great tasting water

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CVC 2019 Technology Challenge WinnersFor students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and have a tech-based solution.

1st place – Octopus Robotics : Solved force sensing for robotics.

2nd place – SerengetiAI data collective for marketers.

3rd place – Capcell BiologicImplants to treat rare disease

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Pictured above are teams Octopus Robotics, CapCell Biologics, and Serengeti.

CVC 2018 Technology Challenge Winners:

1st place (Tie) – TempRes Technologies: Direct injection therapy for locally-advanced pancreatic cancer.

Team Members: Chathuranga De Silva ’17SEAS, Porakrit Leophairatana ’17SEAS

1st place (Tie) – vasAR: Revolutionizing endovascular surgery through augmented reality guidance.

Team Members: Samantha Siu ’18CC, Gabrielle J. Loeb ’18PS, Shirin Sadri ’21PS

3rd place – Advance H20: Next-generation cost saving analytics for water/wastewater treatment.

Team Members: Kartik Chandran (Professor, Columbia Engineering), Young Lee (PowerBridgeNY),  Halil Kurt (PostDoc, Columbia Engineering)

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