Win up to $50,000!

Prize pool $350,000
6 challenges - each challenge will split $50K among the top three winners.
Columbia alumni judges
from Beijing to Bordeaux to Brooklyn
Six Challenges

- Healthcare Challenge
- Undergraduate Challenge
- Startup Columbia Challenge
- Journalism Challenge
- Engineering Challenge
- SIPA Challenge
Millard Chan '99 Technology Challenge
The Millard Chan '99 Technology Challenge invites entries for business models based on a solid foundation of applied, solution-focused, technological innovation. Submissions for this track focus on product development, innovative design, and “builder” technologies including data analytics, biomedical solutions, software, or hardware. As always, cross-disciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.

Technology Challenge Deadline
2/21/2023 Round 1
3/24/2023 Round 2
4/12/2023 Finals
Undergraduate Challenge
Attention undergrads, you may apply for the Undergraduate Challenge.

The Undergraduate Challenge, sponsored by Columbia College, is open to all currently enrolled undergrads at Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, General Studies, and Barnard College. This Challenge aims to promote entrepreneurship across the greater Columbia undergraduate community by offering Columbia founders the opportunity to develop their pitches, create a minimum viable product, and present to early-stage investors. For more information visit the Columbia Venture Competition website .

Columbia Venture Competition: Previous Winners

CVC 2022 Technology Challenge Winners

1st place – PythonFix: a 3D-printed surgical fixture for rotator cuff tears, founded by Iden Kurtaliaj, PhD Biomedical Engineering ‘22. 

2nd place – Ocular Diagnoses: an AI-based ADHD detection software co-founded by William Das, CC ‘25.

3rd place – ViveSense: an at-home male fertility testing service co-founded by Benjamin Greenfield, SEAS ‘20.

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CVC 2021 Technology Challenge Winners

1st place – Colonai: AI driven imaging to detect and decrease the risk of colorectal cancer

2nd place – Sharper Sense: developing a noninvasive nerve stimulation patch that enhances vision and hearing by reducing sensory noise

3rd place – Cold Chain-ge: improving vaccine accessibility through the use of orally dissolving films

CVC 2021 Urban Works India Winners

1st place – DeliverE: optimize efficiency in delivery services in India by harnessing the power of electric vehicles

2nd place – EmNet: to expedite care to emergency patients in off-site locations by building a network of trained medical professionals

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CVC 2020 Technology Challenge Winners: For students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and have a tech-based solution.

1st place (Tie) – avoMD: Point-of-care personal assistant for doctors by doctors

1st place (Tie) – EVQLV: an Artificial Intelligence Company Accelerating Biologic Therapies

3rd place – Dialectica Inc: Advanced-stage Kidney Failure Management

CVC 2020 Urban Works India Winners: For students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and want to work on solutions for urban India.

Extrinsic Labs: behavioral insights and gamification for organizational development

Kara Water: using humidity to produce ultra-pure and great tasting water

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CVC 2019 Technology Challenge WinnersFor students and alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years and have a tech-based solution.

1st place – Octopus Robotics : Solved force sensing for robotics.

2nd place – SerengetiAI data collective for marketers.

3rd place – Capcell BiologicImplants to treat rare disease

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CVC 2018 Technology Challenge Winners:

1st place (Tie) – TempRes Technologies: Direct injection therapy for locally-advanced pancreatic cancer.

Team Members: Chathuranga De Silva ’17SEAS, Porakrit Leophairatana ’17SEAS

1st place (Tie) – vasAR: Revolutionizing endovascular surgery through augmented reality guidance.

Team Members: Samantha Siu ’18CC, Gabrielle J. Loeb ’18PS, Shirin Sadri ’21PS

3rd place – Advance H20: Next-generation cost saving analytics for water/wastewater treatment.

Team Members: Kartik Chandran (Professor, Columbia Engineering), Young Lee (PowerBridgeNY),  Halil Kurt (PostDoc, Columbia Engineering)

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