Res. Inc.

On Sunday, September 8th, Res Inc students and the entrepreneurship team visited the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure

The Residential Incorporated (Res. Inc.) program at Columbia University is a platform for undergraduate students interested in entrepreneurship to build and launch companies. Each year, a group of students are competitively selected to form teams and pursue the launch of a new business with the support of Columbia faculty and industry professionals.

As part of the Living and Learning Center, Res. Inc. students interested in an entrepreneurship lifestyle live and work together in a community focused on the cultivation of innovative ideas. This cross-disciplinary community fosters creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by drawing on the diverse skills and strengths of both Upperclassmen and First-Year CC and SEAS student. 

The Res. Inc. curriculum highlights included:

  • A weekly seminar series led by various professionals within the Columbia network centered around Lean Launchpad approaches.
  • Site visits to startups around New York City
  • Networking events with alumni entrepreneurs
  • Gatherings and dinners hosted by the LLC Faculty-in-Residence

And to our last cohort: thank you for a fantastic year! We are so proud to celebrate each of your successes. 

Ignition Grant – Tanmay Chopra, SEAS ’21 and Alfonso Ussia, SEAS ’22

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Res. Inc. Members 2019-2020

Andrew Gorovoy

Noah Love

Tanmay Chopra

Grace Su

Aviya Litman

Jared Gonzales

Alex Anthony Cortes-Ose

Alethea Harnish

Jern Kunpittaya

Arjun Krishna

Past Res Inc. Students

Res Inc. Alumni

Alfonso Ussia

Alice Niu

Carlos Alejandro Ochoa

Jillian Ross

Jinxin Pan

Natalia Dorogi

Pol Bernat i Belenguer