Sounding Board

Sounding Board

The Entrepreneurial Sounding Board Program offered by SEAS Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for Columbia engineers to schedule one-on-one advisory meetings with industry experts to discuss their own entrepreneurial ideas and challenges. This program allows engineering students to connect with recent alumni for entrepreneurial advice, support, and guidance.

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Mitch Aharon, SEAS’13
Director at EY Parthenon

Carlos Barksdale, SEAS’14
Founder at Glory By Us; Senior Product at Lukka

Logan Donovan, SEAS’13
Engineering Lead at Solo Sciences; Founder at Control Tower

James Dunbar, SEAS’07
Manager at RocketBlocks; Formerly founder at WorkHands

Ilker Eraslan, SEAS’16, MS’20
Founding Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

Varun Gulati, SEAS’10
Co-founder and CEO at

Unni Narayanan, SEAS MS’92
Senior Director of Engineering at Google

Angel Say, SEAS’13
CEO at Resolve

Sumeet Thadani, SEAS MS’01
Software Engineer at Uber; Formerly founding team at LimeWire