Columbia Startup Lab 2021-2022

Startup Name


Team Members


A single source of truth for your company’s financial data

Charley McMillan, Lyndsey Bunting, Manav Malhotra


Bucephalus helps e-commerce sellers and DTC brands manage their inventory so they can get out of the spreadsheet and focus on what matters – their product and brand.

Nicholas DeGiacomo

Consumer Technology

Changing Room measures the environmental impact of individual garments throughout the production line and provides a marketplace where consumers can compare and shop for garments based on eco-friendliness indicators.

Jeremy Yao


Colonai is devising artifical intelligence tools for precision colonoscopy, in order to reduce the incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer (CRC).

Bina Bansinath, Jacob Nye

Health Tech

EchoAR is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content.

Alon Grishinspoon

Virtual Reality

On-demand travel planning for less than your Uber to the airport.

Amy Tang

Consumer Technology

Food traceability software to track food throughout the supply chain.

Jingyang (Billy) Guan, Yiwen Sun


Location Based Product Search

Alimu Mijiti, Vincent Pan

Consumer Technology

Spotify for health & wellness

Mike Wojcieszek


Sharper Sense is a neuromodulation company developing a noninvasive stimulation patch that enhances sensory acuity.

Charles Rodenkirch

Health Tech

An online community that connects people based life lessons sought our given, and exchange of their journeys

Xenia Murray

Consumer Technology