Inder Singh

Inder Singh is a Managing Director at Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey in NYC.  STRH is a full-service corporate and investment bank providing a comprehensive range of strategic advisory, capital raising, risk management, financing and investment solutions. STRH also offers corporate clients an array of sales, trading and research services in both fixed income and equity.Previously, Mr. Singh served as Senior Vice President for Strategy and Finance at Comcast Corporation; and before that he was Vice President of Corporate Portfolio Management at Cisco Systems Inc. Earlier in his career, Mr. Singh was a senior vice president for Lehman Brothers, focusing on the networking and technology sectors; he served in a similar role at Prudential Securities. Before working on Wall Street, Mr. Singh was a vice president at AT&T and Lucent Technologies, and he has also taught merger and acquisitions seminars at Wharton.

He earned a BS from SEAS in 1979, an MS from SEAS in 1981, and an MBA from NYU in 1991. He is a member of the Engineering Development Council, served on his 30th Reunion Planning Committee, and a proud parent of a Columbia College student.