Lucas Schuermann

Peer In Residence


We’re pleased to welcome Lucas Schuermann as our Peer in Residence. Lucas currently runs a quantitative hedge fund and advises early-stage startups, providing expertise in scalable software engineering, systems design, and machine learning. He was previously an Egleston Scholar in SEAS studying Computer Science. Lucas has work experience at Wolfram Research, Goldman Sachs Strats, and Google X, with a research background including mathematics, computational neuroscience, and computer graphics. 

At Columbia, Lucas served on the board of CDSS and ADI, and enjoyed working with students as a TA for Prof. Jae Woo Lee and Prof. Changxi Zheng. He was an early participant in Res Inc and was a CVC finalist with Laminar Dynamics, a not-for-profit demoing a prototype fixed-wing drone for lifesaving deliveries in developing countries. Between past ventures and personal projects, Lucas has tinkered with everything from SaaS growth strategies, non-profit partnership plans, and pitching all strata of investment funds, to designing best devops practices with Kubernetes, rapidly cobbling together full-stack systems for statistical analytics MVPs, and implementing real-time renderers for VR. 

For more about Lucas, click here